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Installing and Troubleshooting Notes App

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This tutorial discusses step by step installation of the Notes App from the Awesome studio catalog.

Step 1: Install the "Notes" App from Awesome studio catalog.

Following screenshot depicts Notes app in the list of Apps in the Awesome studio catalog.

Screenshot 1: Notes App in the Awesome studio catalog

Install the notes app from Catalog > Apps > Documentation/kb > Notes. After clicking on install button of the Notes app, Enter the Name of the App as "Notes", and the Slug of the App as "notes". This step is very important since we are going to use this setup nearly on every project, so the URL for this app should be uniform throughout all the projects. Following screenshot depicts this.

Screenshot 2: Notes App in the Awesome studio catalog.

A "Notes App" menu will be created as shown in below Screenshot-3.

Screenshot 3: Notes App Menu.

Along with it Dev Notes CPT is created as shown in below  Screenshot-4,

Screenshot 4: Dev Notes CPT.

After that create the required taxonomies for this App. Currently, there are only two types of default taxonomies in the notes app which are to be added from backend (and it is showed as checkboxes in the "Add New Note Form")
So let's go ahead and create following taxonomies

  • Dev Notes
  • Usage Notes

Click on Dev Notes type menu as shown in screenshot-4 above and create required taxonomies.

Screenshot 5: Dev Notes Type taxonomies.

The last thing to be done in the installation process is, this App is to be restricted for logged in users only. In the settings menu of the App, under App Permission tab click the checkbox as shown in below Screenshot-6 to restrict the access to the App to logged in Users only.

Screenshot 6: Notes App Settings.

That's all it for the installation part. Now let's see how to use this App.

Note: After installing the app if you experience any issues, go ahead in the troubleshooting section on this page for resolving the issues.

Step 2: Creating a New Note

Once the Notes App is installed now go ahead and visit the URL you will see the following screen.

Screenshot 7: Add New Note form.

Above Screenshot 7 is self-explanatory and depicts how to "Add New Note".


Screenshot 8: Newly Added Note.

Once the Note is created it will be shown in place of the "Add New Form". There is no option to edit the existing note, you can only add more information to existing note as shown in above Screenshot-8.

Step 3: Troubleshooting issues (if any) in the Notes App

Issue 1: Notes homepage gives 404 error

Solution 1. Flush the Permalinks
If that does not solve the issue
Solution 2. Check if in WordPress Pages (inbuilt Pages) has any page with the slug as "home" if yes then rename the slug of that page, the issue will resolve.


Issue 2: There is no option to add new taxonomy from the front end.

Currently, only two types of taxonomies are to be used in this App,

  • Dev Notes
  • Usage Notes

Please create them from the backend, follow the installation steps mentioned above for detailed procedure.


Issue 3: I have installed awesome studio from scratch the CSS is broken, App is not displaying as per above screenshots

If you are installing this App on fresh installation of awesome studio please follow these instructions first

and check the Summary of the Notes App for dependencies on other triggers and for further information.

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