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  • Ticket Handler module works as intermediate module between destination module and route call
  • For eg:  route_ajax=“ticket-handler/<ticket_id>/submit”
  • Here submit module is destination module
  • At first ticket-handler module will get executes and here session ticket get verified.
  • Use session_ticket.get to get session ticket data.
  • Check details here – session_ticket-get
  • Please consider following example,
  • Calling Code snippet in samples app:
  • In this code, session activity is set as app=”samples” which is used as router
    and destination module is “test_2” in samples app.
  • When Call Test will get click event, route will happen to ticket-handler module in same app.
  • Ticket handler code:
  • In above snippet, qs.0 is valued as ticket_id since route call is like that.
  • Using the same ticket_id, ticket_data is getting fetched.
  • If: ticket_data is not_empty which means ticket is valid and it has data.
  • Further, you can execute the routing as per session ticket activity.
  • It can be service, module or template.
  • So simple it is, try this in your app.
  • Happy coding.


  • Ps: In near future, this will get update as ticket-handler as service perhaps there will be modification in routing too.
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