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If you are migrating from Awesome Studio code to Awesome Enterprise code, here is a quick reference guide to help you migrate.

Deprecated Tags

Following tags are not used in the Awesome Enterprise platform, and they do not have any equivalent tags.

  • aw2.save_form
  • api
  • args
  • aw2.part
  • aw2.shortcode
  • aw2.load

Equivalent Tags

Here is a quick list of tags from Awesome Studio that have an equivalent in Awesome Enterprise.


Studio Shotcodes Enterprise Shortcodes Titbits
 aw2.array  array.create
 aw2.if  if.<>   Use if.<condition to test it> eg [ <chain>][/]
 aw2.query  query.<>
 aw2.ignore  debug.ignore
 aw2.template  templates.add  do.<>
 aw2.loop  loop.<>  [loop.@i module.x]
[aw2.get @i.key /]
[aw2.get @i.item /]
 aw2.for  loop.<>
 aw2.return  template.return or module.return   Depends on the context.
 aw2.include  collection.include/module.include
 aw2.else  if.else  [if.else][/if.else]
 aw2.and  if.and  [if.and not_equal={} ]
we are also equal
 aw2.or  if.or [if.or cond='{module.y}’ equal='{request.a2}’]
we are also equal
 aw2.yes  if.yes  [if.yes <chain>][/if.yes]  [ <chain>][/]
 aw2.true  if.true  [if.true <chain>][/if.true]
 aw2.false  if.false  [if.false <chain>][/if.false]
 aw2.empty  if.empty
 aw2.not_empty  if.not_empty  [if.not_empty <chain>][/if.not_empty]
 aw2.whitespace  if.whitespace  [if.whitespace <chain>][/if.whitespace]
 aw2.not_whitespace  if.not_whitespace  [if.not_whitespace <chain>][/if.not_whitespace]
 aw2.equal  if.equal  [if.equal lhs=<string> rhs=<string>][/if.equal]
 aw2.not_equal  if.not_equal  [if.not_equal lhs=<string> rhs=<string>][/if.not_equal]
 aw2.cdn   –  define them using services
 aw2.trigger  They have been moved to awesome core


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