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  1. Create an app in Awesome Enterprise -> Apps
  2. Create following meta fields and give values for the cpt
    1. modules_collection
    2. pages_collection
    3. config_collection
    4. posts_collection
  3. While giving the value follow the following patterns
    1. m_<cptslug> for modules collection
    2. p_<cptslug> for pages collection
    3. c_<cptslug> for config collection
    4. For posts put the actual slug of the post you have registered.
  4. You don’t need to specify all of them just the one you need except for config collection which you need to always specify.
  5. If you have a default taxonomy, it needs to be specified within ‘settings’ module of app’s config collection with meta key as “default_taxonomy” (App ->.Config -> Settings and meta_key= default_taxonomy and value = <slug of taxonomy>
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