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If you want to upload file from your form use below code:

Here, we are showing example while you are using form entries CPT.

  • You have to generate custom fields to upload the file, which have field type as file.
  • Write the form field as:
    <input type="file" class="form-control-file" id="attach_certifications" 
    aria-describedby="fileHelp" name="attach_certifications">
  • Add above code to your form handler:
    [aw2.upload post_id='{{aw2.get module.enquire_id}}' attach_to_post 
    upload_element_id='attach_certifications' set="module.attach_certifications"] 
    [aw2.get attachment_url attachment_id='{module.attach_certifications}' /]

    where, post_id is current post id whatever you set to the posts elements.

  • If you want to get the URL of the uploaded file write above code in your handler:
    [aw2.get function.wp_get_attachment_url p1="{module.attach_certifications}" 
    set="module.crt_url"   /]


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