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Write Data in Excel and Download

[aw2.set heads=”Column1,Column 2,Column 3″ /]
[aw2.set module.heads_data=”{heads.comma}” /]


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#1. Fetch all the images from the post

[aw2.query get_post post_slug=25-seater-training-hall-in-aundh post_type=product

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How to add a modal popup

<span class=”sprint_modal-popup”></span>
<button type=”button” class=”btn btn-filled-secondary” data-toggle

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How to use Ladda on form submit with Awesome Studio

By default awesome studio shows us the default loader on a form submits, but if you want you can use

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Scrolling to first error in the larger form during validation

<script type=”spa/axn” axn=core.run_script>
//** Scroll to first error **//
var validation_rule={}

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