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Create site settings

We can use site options to generat universal fields which we are using in our website eg. Site logo, favicon

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Creating Theme Options

[aw2.register site_option part=start]
“title” :”Site Logo’s”,
“id” :”site-logos-settings”,
“show_names” :true,
“show_on” :{ “key”: “options-page”, “value

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Register new Taxonomy

[aw2.set module.group_singular_label=’Category’ /]
[aw2.set module.group_plural_label=’Category’ /]
[aw2.register taxonomy slug=’gallery_category’ post_type=’as_gallery’]
“label” :”[aw2.get

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Creating Meta Boxes

Create a Global Triggers and it will create a Meta box, it takes all the parameter of CMB2, fields are

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Creating Custom Post Types (CPT)

CPT is made up of 3 parts. The cpt itself, taxonomy and meta fields
Defining Post type
Here you need

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