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Step 1 : Go to Triggers in Your App example:-AAP CareerStyleTwo app->Triggers
step 2 : Add new trigger and create field as per your requirements. example:- Admin Email

[aw2.register app_option part=start]
		"id"           :"admin-mail-settings",
		"title"         :"App Email Settings",
		"show_on"  :  { 
		                "value":"[aw2.get module.original_slug]_options"
		"show_names" : true

[aw2.register app_option part=field]
		"name":"Admin Email Id",
		"id"   : "opt-adminmail",
		"desc"    : "Add Admin Email Id."

Trigger it When App settings.
Step 3: Field is created in add settings (set some value in it which you required.)
step 4: Get that created filed value from settings using shortcode example :-[aw2.get app.options.opt-adminmail /]

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