List of Awesome Studio Shortcodes

Awesome shortcode forms the base of our Awesome Studio platform. All our shortcodes follow the following basic syntax

[ <library name>.<command> <shortcode specific parameters> <conditions> <output modifiers> <output redirection>]

<library name>
The library name gives the library of the commands. The core library is called aw2. Any other libraries depends on what you have loaded.

The command is the shortcode available in the library, together <library name>.<command> forms the shortcode that is parsed by awesome studio platform.

<shortcode specific parameters>
Look at the shortcode documentation for any specific parameters, by default you will always have "main" attribute.

The conditions on which to execute the shortcode. If any of the conditions fail the shortcode will not be executed. See the conditions section for more details.

<output modifiers>
Modify the output of the shortcode. This will allow you to process and/or change the output before it is returned by the shortcode. See the output modifiers section for more details.

<output redirection>
Redirect the output to another medium or object. By default the output is returned to screen. See the output redirection section for more details.

One important thing, only aw2.module  can be used within a page or post in WordPress, all other shortcodes can only be used within an awesome module.