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Calling API in Awesome Enterprise

This sample just shows you how to do HTTP AUTH in the awesome enterprise
[php.base64_encode p1=”easyengine:mfUIzTzi” o

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Calling a service module in PHP code

Here is a quick sample to show you how to call an awesome service in PHP file.

Option 1

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single value (get_var)

[mysqli.fetch.scalar o.set=template.x]
WHERE meta_key=’ ‘ [/mysqli.fetch.scalar] [template.x.scalar /]
“status” =&gt

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Ticket Handler

Ticket Handler module works as intermediate module between destination module and route call
For eg:  route_ajax=”ticket-handler/<ticket_id

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Send attachment in mail (direct using absolute file path)

In requirements, there can be a case where you need to send attachment in mail.
Where as this attachment can

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