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Title : query.get_user_meta
Purpose : For retrieving specific user meta data
Syntax :
Input Parameters : user_id: (int) (Required) User ID
key: (string) (Optional) The meta key to retrieve. By default, returns data for all keys. Default value: ”
single: (bool) (Optional) Whether to return a single value. This parameter has no effect if $key is not specified. Default value: false
Return Value : (mixed) An array if $single is false. The value of meta data field if $single is true. False for an invalid $user_id.
Example 1 :
Code :
Output : Displays the value of key “favourite_movie” if the key exist
Description : In this example we are passing USER_ID and a KEY, so if a record exist wrt the USER_ID and a KEY then it will return the value. If we are not passing KEY then it will return an ARRAY of all the user meta of the respective user.
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