/ Utility / acf_blocks.register

This shortcode is available from version 1.3.5 onwards.

This is used to register the UI service blocks as Gutenberg blocks using ACF Blocks.

service_handler is the required service handler that will be responsible for rendering the output of this block. While the parameters below are the JSON format for key-value pairs that can be passed to  acf_register_block_type.

Important points

  1. If you pass render_template to the acf_blocks then the rending will not be handled by the service specified in service_handler.
  2. acf_blocks.register shortcode is used within ‘gutenberg-blocks‘ module of the awesome core post type.
  3. example attribute is added in version 3.1.3 and it supports the preview image for awesome blocks
  4. Value of category attribute is for now fixed to ‘awesome-gt-blocks’, so that they can be grouped under awesome blocks
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