AW (Framework) Enterprise Documentation UI Cards

  1. Shortcodes (Explanation with PHP code)
  2. PHP framework
  3. What are the important terms and concepts to know in advance to use awesome effectively
  4. Awesome Core
    • Site wide page Layout
    • Post specific Layouts
  5. Root App
  6. Spa library to minimize JS code and allow to reuse functions
    • How to add our own functions
    • How to validate the form with Jquery library as a spa object
    • How to create our own spa axn
  7. Services
  8. Creating Apps
    • Configs
      • App Settings
      • Init module
      • Layout
      • JS scripts and CSS

    • Modules
    • Pages
      • Call a module(s) in the page
    • Link the "Posts" to the app
    • App rights with vsession and user roles

  9. Modules
    • Create Module and how to call it (URL)
    • Create module and call it from page
    • Call module within module ( and this_collection)

  10. Services
    • How to register (post_type="")  [Library - Reusable]
    • Core Services
      • DB service
      • Single service (we are writing another service that will work with aw_forms)
      • Notification service
        • Helps to send Email and SMS
        • Email templates
      • UI service
      • Form control service (form_control and form_control2)
      • Ace theme
      • Backend design (service and app)
      • Content builder

  11. Configs

  12. Layouts

  13. aw_forms
    • Calling syntax
    • Config array

  14. How to run code that is present as a string in a variable
  15. Setting App
    • Home module
    • Config > settings write aw form config
  16. Form control, Form Control2 (combine it)
  17. Manage screen... (UI screen, Module)
  18. Service Module vs App Module vs Root module vs Config Module vs Core Module
  19. General things to know
    • Clear cache
    • Grant developer permissions
    • Site specific plugin
    • Wordpress CLI
    • Export/Import services, app, modules etc.
    • Session ticket
    • Google Authentication
    • Excel Importer
    • PDF generation
  20. User roles
    • Plugin and its settings
    • Manage user roles (service and app, under development)

  21. Plot
    • User story
    • Task
    • Note and its types & How to write note(s)
  22. Sonnet
    • Projects
    • Pipeline
    • Sprint

Getting started with Awesome Enterprise

Every software application or framework requires some effort to learn. We have done our best to minimize the efforts to understand the awesome.

First of all start reading the topics (left side) one by one and understand how shortcodes work.

Once you understand the basics you are ready to explore the awesome with wordpress. You can easily create apps, assign user roles to it, make interactive UIs and many more.

Awesome enterprise is a complete framework build for wordpress. AW Enterprise provides library of shortcodes, modules, services etc. Using this we can develop Web Applications and Website as well as Apps for the project (Ecomm, CRM).

It's aim to provide well written functionality library in the form of shortcodes to make the development fast.

"Feel free to add more topics and examples to it".