Following is the process to register/Create service in awesome enterprise:

  • nowLocate “Awesome core” which is situated in “Awesome enterprise” wp-admin menu.
  • In that Choose – “service” and edit service core.
  • Syntax:
  • Example:
  • Here dc_star service is created, with label DC star, post_type = ‘dc star’.
  • while calling, service name plays crucial role, hence be specific while declaring service name.


Create module and template in Service

  • After creating service option will get displayed in wp-admin left side bar option | Service – Awesome Enterprises
  • click on your created service, you can recognize your service by service label you mentioned while creating it.
  • Now create you own module as per your requirement in that service.
  • Remember, service is collection of modules which works in generic operation.
    • Such as, you just have to pass json, array or parameters to service and it will perform the action as per coded.
    • If any  condition to be given to input data, make it possible in calling module.
    • Do not emboss service to condition it as then it can not be generalize.
  • E.g:
    • In dc star service, Module is created as dc_star_module with one array parameter.
    • Always create main template after creating module i.e best practice in awesome.
    • hence calling dc_star_module will be:
  • Same as module, templates can be created in service with in the module
  • If template is not defined then awesome will execute main template of called module.
  • E.g
    • let create add template in dc_star_module
    • so while calling add template syntax will change as