CTA Style 25

CTA module with title, description, button and link. All text with button link and button text can be passed via module parameters.


  • section_description: Description text
  • button_link: Button link
  • button_text: Text for button
  • login_msg: Text that will be displayed below button
  • login_link: URL for link below button
  • login_text: Text that will be linked to the below link


[aw2.module slug="cta-style-25"]
[aw2.this section_description]
Description goes here.
[aw2.this button_link="#" /]
[aw2.this button_text="Button text" /]
[aw2.this login_msg="Your msg here" /]
[aw2.this login_link="#link"]
[aw2.this login_text="Link text here" /]




[aw2.module slug="cta-style-25"]
[aw2.this section_description]
What are you waiting for?<br><strong>Sign up for free</strong> and become one of the millions of people around<br> the world fallen in love with Awesome Studio.
[aw2.this button_link="#" /]
[aw2.this button_text="Sign Up-It's Free." /]
[aw2.this login_msg="Already use Awesome Studio?" /]
[aw2.this login_link="#"]
[aw2.this login_text="log in" /]


Last updated:April 18, 2017

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